The Eagle Ford Shale Continues to Grow!

eaglefordThe future is looking bright for the Eagle Ford Shale! The Railroad Commission in Texas regulates the exploration and production of oil and gas in Texas. For more than 120 years, the Commission has played a critical role in the establishment of Texas as an international energy leader.

According to the Railroad Commissioner David Porter, “The Eagle Ford Shale has the potential to be the single most significant economic development in the history of the state of Texas.”  The Eagle Ford Shale has been rapidly growing and developing over the last decade, and now it is very possible that it will become the largest onshore discovery EVER in the United States!  Additionally, there is more capital is invested in the play than any other oil and gas development in the world! Porter goes on to say, “The Eagle Ford Shale has the potential to become the most active oil and gas play in North America, with approximately 235 drilling rigs currently running. Operators forecast that the play will continue to develop for decades to come.” 

To get a better idea of just how prosperous this region is, take a look at the facts below. The Eagle Ford Shale recently posted an article called “Eagle Ford Facts that Might Surprise You”.

  • If the Eagle Ford lives up to its potential and reserves are greater than 10 billion barrels, it will be the largest U.S. onshore discovery ever
  • It’s the fastest growing shale play in the world and has grown to almost 700,000 b/d of oil production in five years since its discovery
  • Light, sweet crude oil production near the Gulf Coast petrochemical complex make it more valuable than other grades that must be transported longer distances
  • Wells are getting cheaper as companies gain experience and shift to pad drilling
  • More is invested in the Eagle Ford than any other play in the world – Eagle Ford Capital Spending Makes the Play To the Largest in the World

In 2011, when the nation’s unemployment rate was above nine percent, South Texas was generating a windfall of high-paying jobs— and the oil and gas industry’s demand for skilled labor in the Eagle Ford Shale is expected to remain strong.

Here at Eagle Ford Village, located in Dilley, Texas, we are proud to offer affordable housing for all of these workers that are in demand in the Eagle Ford Shale! We offer offer short-term, long-term and by the night accommodations. Our cabins and lodging in Dilley are located 1.5 miles east of I-35, exit 84. Feel free to contact us anytime to make a reservation!