OPEC loses control of oil Market

While American’s were celebrating their Thanks Giving last month, OPEC was meeting in Vienna figuring out a way to derail the US latest oil boom of unconventional drilling. Led by Saudi Arabia, the OPEC plan was to not cut oil production and this would then squeeze the US out the market. What is actually happening, the market has taken control of the price and is putting the squeeze on many OPEC nations that cannot operate at a $60 cost iStock_000012572734Mediumper barrel. The large US supplies have no intention of slowing down production as they tired of OPEC dictating their future. Now OPEC finds it’s self for the first time not controlling the market. This is music to the US oil producers, as we’ll see in the new year OPEC backing off and oil prices bouncing back to the $75 – $85 a barrel in mid-2015.

Our landscaping In Our Phase II Development Is Going In!

Eagle Ford Village landscaping


Eagle Ford Village landscaping 2


We are exciting that our Phase II Development landscaping is going in this week! Our Eagle Ford Village team has been working hard to make sure that Phase II looks and feels like home and the landscaping is one of our final steps to completing Phase II!

We have 2 bedroom and 5 bedroom homes available by night, week, month or yearly leases – from $36 a night with a lease, and $89 a night. We are hotel conveniently located in Dilley, Texas and offer short-term, long-term and by the night accommodations. Our cabins and lodging in Dilley are located 1.5 miles east of I-35, exit 84. Feel free to contact us anytime to make a reservation — Darla, our Village Queen, will be more than happy to help you make a reservation. We are the premier workforce housing in the Eagle Ford Shale!