It’s Time to Celebrate Our Newest Homes!

Wow has it ever been a busy few weeks here at Eagle Ford Village! We have been working tirelessly to get our brand new Phase II homes ready for tenants! Our furniture has arrived and so has all of our kitchen supplies and all of the decking and skirting supplies are on-site. Our plumbing is now totally complete and our electric will be done next week. Most importantly, our satellite install is scheduled for next week because all of our homes homes are outfitted with an HD TV with Direct TV and free high-speed Wi-Fi!

Everyone here are Eagle Ford Village is working around the clock to make sure these homes are ready and our top-of-the-line village amenities are in place!  We would like to Thank Dago and Jamie for helping us out, and we would also like to Thank Omar and Lisafor doing a great job with the extra work load….GO TEAM EAGLE FORD VILLAGE!

Remember, if you need workforce long-term or short term accommodations in the Eagle Ford Shale, make a reservation with us in Dilley, Texas! We offer 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 5 bedroom homes. Contact Darla, our Village Queen to reserve your home today!

We are also throwing a village BBQ tonight to celebrate so if you are staying at the village be sure and join us!



Meet Darla Juhl, Our Village Queen!

Here at Eagle Ford Village we pride ourselves on our amazing team of staff members. Meet Darla Juhl, our Property Manager of Eagle Ford Village, a.k.a our Village Queen! Darla pretty much runs the place, and you can always find her on-site making sure the place runs smoothly. Darla’s hardworking nature and positive spirit make her one of the most valuable people on our team!

Darla moved to the Eagle Ford Shale last October from South West Missouri because she was ready for her next adventure … and we are so glad she did!

“The first time I saw Eagle Ford Village it was just a big field with a couple of roads. I have to admit I was a little scared and shocked at the same time. Now that I am coming up on my 10 month anniversary with Eagle Ford Village, each day that goes by I am more and more proud of what we have built here. The tennants tell us all the time that they feel comfortable and relaxed and I am proud to have been a part of Eagle Ford Village from the beginning. After all of the long hours that the men and women who reside here work, I am so glad that this is their home away from home.” — Darla 

We couldn’t be happier and more proud to have Darla on our team! Eagle Ford Village rents homes and suites by the day, week, month, or year! Contact Darla at any time to reserve your workforce housing!

Big Things Happening in the Eagle Ford Shale

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There was a great article on MySA this week called “Eagle Ford could usher in a new era” this week. The article discusses the booming business happening in the Eagle Ford Shale and the author, Mickey Roth, President emeritus of Intercontinental Wealth Advisors LLC, even goes so far as to say  “I have read that by about 2020, our nation may no longer need to import oil from OPEC.

Here at Eagle Ford Village, located in Dilley, Texas, we certainly can confirm how busy the area has been. We have been at capacity consistently since we opened and are now just getting ready to launch Phase II which will offer even more hotel accommodations.

This is good news as it is expected that there will be continued job growth in the Eagle Ford Shale. We look forward to continuing to expand Eagle Ford Village and provide hotel and motel workforce housing. We offer long-term hotel stays and short-term hotel stays in Eagle Ford for all of your needs.


Eagle Ford Village Weekly Update

Eagleford Village It has been a busy week here in Dilley, Texas at Eagle Ford Village! The temperature has been in the 100′s all week long and last Friday we had a scorching 109˚F, which has made it very hot for our Phase II construction! The heat hasn’t stopped us though, (we are Texans after all) we have pushed forward with our final infrastructure meetings, checks and changes with the new home manufacturers. Everything is coming along very smoothly! Our new homes will be located right next to our current homes and will be more (much needed) Dilley hotel/motel workforce accommodations. It’s perfect timing for our new homes because we have been consistently sold out!

Remember, if you need workforce long-term or short term accomodations, make a reservation with us! We offer 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 5 bedroom homes. We operate as a hotel with great amenities such as:

Home Amenities:

Village Amenities:

• Private bathroom with walk-in shower
• Fully equipped kitchen
• Dining area
• Whisper Quiet Air conditioning
• Extra long single beds with pillow top mattress
• In home workstations
• Flat screen TV in every room
• PVR Satellite TV
• In home washer/dryer unit
• Laundry service available at nominal fee
• Custom appointed rooms
• Extra large bath towels
• High quality sheets and pillow
• Weekly maid service
• Free Wi-FI
• No bills to pay
• Free Wi-Fi throughout Village
• TV lounge area
• Games area
• Outdoor Fireplace & Picnic Area
• Fitness Centre
• Outdoor Texas BBQ
• 24 hour security

This Week Former First Lady Larura Bush Visited the Eagle Ford Shale! PLUS, Our Phase II Update

This week was an exciting one in the Eagle Ford Shale as former First Lady Laura Bush visited the region to discuss conservation efforts in the South Texas oil fields. According to the San Antonio Express News:

She did a rig tour in June with representatives of Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas Wildlife Association and the South Texas Energy & Economic Roundtable. And if you’re surprised that the words “Laura Bush” are colliding in the same sentence as “rig tour,” Bush’s nonprofit, Taking Care of Texas, is all about blending business with environmental responsibility, and has a goal of “safeguarding natural resources with respect for private property interests.

Taking Care of Texas says it is working with the oil and gas industry in the Eagle Ford region on things such as erosion control, native plant reseeding and salvaging topsoil on drilling locations.

“Taking Care of Texas is about building on existing conservation efforts,” said Bush, in a press release. “We are working with developers of the Eagle Ford Shale because it’s important to take care of the landscapes and wildlife habitat where drilling occurs. We want Texas to be a leader in meeting the nation’s energy needs while conserving soil and habitat and boosting the economy in South Texas.”


We think it’s great that she came down to the area! Laura Bush’s visit isn’t the only exciting news we have for the week though. Our Phase II development is still moving along at a great speed and we are almost complete with installing all of our water and sewer lines for the new two bedroom homes that will be arriving soon! These homes will be rented for long-term, short-term and by the night accommodations for workforce housing in the Eagle Ford Shale.

If you have any questions or comments about our homes please don’t hesitate to contact us any time! We are located in Dilley, Texas.



Phase II is Moving Along!

It has been a very busy and exciting Summer here are Eagle Ford Village! We are so excited that we have begun Phase II development of Eagle Ford Village located in Dilley, Texas! The next phase will consist of 8 new homes (which will be arriving on August 5th).

Currently all of the roads are complete, and we have ordered all of our furnishings. Our water and sewage construction has begun and our electrical work is scheduled after that! We plan to open our doors on September 1st! If you are looking to rent a home at Eagle Ford Village contact us as soon as possible because we have already singed leases on our new homes that haven’t even arrived yet! Whether you are in need of a hotel, motel, long term accommodation or short term by-the-night accommodation – we can help you out! We proudly serve Eagle Ford Shale and are located in Dilley,Texas.

We also lucked out last week with some much needed rain. As you can see from the picture, Phase II is ready to go up!


Oil Business is Booming in Eagle Ford!

Eagle Ford Map – On Schedule Oil Goes Up!!

The green dots are growing.  Eagle Ford map shows the latest “on schedule” oil rigs for the Eagle Ford have jumped 406 since the last map from the Texas Railroad Commission, back in May.

As of right now there are 5,459 permitted locations representing pending oil or gas wells, where either the operator has not yet filed completion paperwork with the Commission, or the completed well has not yet been set up with the Commission.

This means there will be lots more business booming at Eagle Ford Village and we are expected to stay at capacity in the coming months.  We operate as a hotel, motel and as a long term home rental facility — all in one. Which means no matter how long you plan on working in the Eagle Ford Shale Play, we have got you covered for workforce housing.

Conveniently located in Dilley, Texas, Eagle Ford Village offers an outstanding village of homes. We are just beginning expansion on Phase II due to popular demand!

Contact us today to book your workforce housing rental.

We are at Capacity!

Eagleford Village is at Capacity!

It has been a very busy few months here at Eagle Ford Village. Since our opening in Dilly, Texas, our home rentals have been at capacity, and we couldn’t be more excited!

We are always taking new reservations and also offer wait lists to those guests who are unable to get a reservation for their desired dates. Our homes can be rented by the day, week, month or even longer. We operate as a hotel, motel and as a long term home rental facility — all in one! What we really strive for here at Eagle Ford Village however is to create a fun, relaxing home-like atmosphere for our guests, no matter how long they are staying with us.

We hold community village barbecues  for our guests, and we are always looking for a reason to throw a good party around here! This year for the 4th of July, we had a fireworks celebration and many of our guests came out to enjoy the party (some even brought their own fireworks, making it an even more spectacular show)!

We are the number one choice for workforce housing in Dilley, Texas and we couldn’t be happier to welcome all of our guests to our community!

Eagle Ford Village – Now Open – Rated #1 for Accommodations in Eagle Ford

Eagle Ford Village – opened it’s new village in Dilley,Texas today with state of the art one and two bedrooms homes. Our staff have worked very hard over the last few weeks to meet the December 1st opening deadline. Village Chief, Darla Duhl, put the finishing touches on the homes with new villagers arriving today. The homes have leased out quickly with companies such as Shell, OAG and other oil service groups taking homes in the first phase.

Eagle Ford Village offers more than just a place to sleep. Village homes offer more comforts including private driveways, landscaping, high quality furnishings and all amenities. To quote our company president, “We want to offer more of a home away from home with resort style amenities”.

The next phase of homes are scheduled for completion in January 2013.

For more information contact Eagle Ford Village 1-830-963-1000


Why stay at Hotel in Eagle Ford Shale?

Eagle Ford Shale has experienced tremendous growth with explosions of hotels going up and down the corridor on I-35 and I-37. Hotels are charging anywhere from $125 to $250 per night for a room less than 350 sq. ft.

Oil and Gas service men can spend 2 weeks to one month in a hotel. Most service personnel are finding that after a few nights stay in a hotel they miss the comforts of home which include privacy, and space.

There is now a solution! We have just opened the new Eagle Ford Village, located in the center of the Eagle Ford Shale Play in Dilley, Texas.  Eagle Ford Village one bedroom homes offer twice the space at half the price of a hotel room.  Each home comes with a large Smart HD TV with DISH NET including HBO and specialty channels in the living room with additional TV(s) in the bedroom, and that’s not all:

  • Full size stove
  • Built in GE Microwave
  • Full size GE refrigerator
  • Built in GE dishwasher
  • Island bar
  • Ashley Deluxe full size extra deep comfort Couch
  • En-suite bathroom with full size shower
  • Top of the line pillow top mattress
  • Extra large pillows and high quality sheets
  • Whisper quite central air conditioner
  • Extra large towels
  • WI-FI high speed extreme Internet
  • Personal drive way
  • Full washer & dryer
  • Maid service

So why would anyone stay in a hotel room, when they can get twice the space, and four times the amenities, at half the price?

Contact Eagle Ford Village for a little piece of home 1– 830-963-1000 for more information.